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Laser at TTL

Designing for Lasers July 9 [Tuesdays 6 week comprehensive]

July 09, 2024
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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In this course at TTLMakerspace, you will go from beginner to practical working knowledge of designing and modeling in 2D, and the operation of a laser for etching and cutting a variety of materials.

Starting with desktop versions of lasers you’ll work your way through lessons and projects up to the industrial ThunderLaser cutter.


At the end of this course you will have achieved the following goals:

  • A complete understanding of the steps needed to go from concept to completed project
  • Familiarity with the properties of a variety of materials - woods, plastics, textiles
  • Experience and comprehension of the most important principles of CAD modeling for constructing with laser cut parts
  • Setting speeds and power levels
  • Full understanding of the most common etching and cutting operations
  • Experience creating tool paths with Lightburn software
  • Setting up materials and performing operations
  • Machine maintenance and Safety

Following this course, you’ll be certified to use desktop lasers, and book time with the industrial laser at TTLMakerspace (with your membership). You will also be able to join the growing community of TTL Makers sharing Laser knowledge on our Discord community.

Useful for: signs, gifts, personalizing anything, stamp-making, organizer, decorative items, lanterns

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