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Tech at TTL

Game Design Comprehensive July 8 [6 weeks, Mondays]

July 08, 2024
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Game Design Quick-start

In this course at TTLMakerspace, you will go from beginner to a working knowledge of game design and development using the open-source engine Godot.

Starting with the basics of the game engine, you’ll learn how to progress from a knowledge of game mechanics to a coherent, engaging game experience.

Workshop Schedule:
Sunday June 16, 11am - 2pm (3 hours)
Sunday June 16, 2pm - 5pm (3 hours)


At the end of this course you will have achieved the following goals:

  • A grasp of planning out fun game-play mechanics

  • Familiarity with features of the Godot Game Engine

  • Practical knowledge of animation techniques

  • A working understanding of sound design

  • Application of physics for game-play mechanics

  • Comfort with both 2D and 3D game development

  • Ability to publish and show your game

  • Working understanding of UI in games

Following this course, you’ll be welcome to join the growing community of creators and game developers at TTLMakerspace for continued support and encouragement in your game development journey.

Useful for: games, art, installations, animation, interactive experiences

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